How to choose cheap engagement wedding ring sets?

choose cheap engagement wedding ring sets

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1.Jewelry should be worn in harmony with the jewellery, and it should be worn and worn. When wearing more than one type of jewelry, the color, shape and style should be coordinated, and it is best to match. In general, the color cannot exceed three. Coordinate with the environment to wear jewelry to consider the occasion. When attending social events such as dances and banquets, it is advisable to wear noble and gorgeous jewellery, which is effective and easy to express. If you are wearing a dress when you participate in the event, then the jewelry must choose a style that conforms to the traditional etiquette, rather than being too novel and chic to avoid conflict with the clothing. Participate in social activities such as salons and visits. It is advisable to use jewelry with distinctive themes, such as signature jewelry, so that the atmosphere of the social activities you participate in is more harmonious, and sometimes it will lead to topics and become interesting episodes. . If you use excessively dazzling and luxurious jewelry at this time, it is out of place, and it will make you feel that you are showing off and thus affecting communication with others. When you visit the elders and seniors, you should use jewellery that is not too bright, which can avoid unnecessary restraint. Because older people generally don’t like eye-catching decorations, although they don’t speak out, it’s logical from a psychological point of view.

2.For social events such as parties, networking, etc., it is advisable to wear some lively jewellery, such as bright brooches, earrings, imitation gemstone necklaces, etc., which shows that you are very interested in the activities you participate in, so that the friends around you feel that you are I am happy to come to the event and leave a good impression. If you are wearing fashion when you participate in these activities, you should try to use fashion jewelry. Meet with friends who are new friends or unfamiliar people. Wear jewelry, color, and jewellery to make the other person feel mysterious and help each other to understand each other. If you meet with your lover and your best friend, you can wear high-quality jewellery with eternal symbols such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc., which will make your meeting full of love and warmth. When attending a memorial service or funeral, try not to wear colorful jewellery. If you want to wear it, you may wear small pieces of jewellery with elegant colors, such as cheap engagement wedding ring sets.