halo wedding rings

A halo engagement ring capabilities a layout that surrounds a middle stone encircled with smaller stones for a wide ranging effect. now not simplest is a halo ring stunning, many adore its capability to make bigger the look of the center diamond or gem. middle white diamond accented with more white diamonds may be the best search for a conventional bride-to-be. save a shade diamond or gemstone because the centerpiece for an thrilling alternative with a modern-day appearance.

Reviews from Customers:

 I loved everything about this ring when my husband purposed. I love the size, the color, everything. My husband had them replace the stone with the same size but London blue topaz. I just wish the quality was better. I have had to take it in for repairs 4 times in one year. The prongs were always loose and now it’s back in because the stone chipped and fell out. I would understand if I had a job that was rough with the ring but I sit behind a computer all day. I am disappointed in the quality of the ring but other than that I love it.